Zapier integration


Zapier allows you to set up integrations and automations from an extensive list of 5,000+ products.

You can use this to bring data into from other sources.

Example: Create a fact every time someone sends a support request on Intercom.

Or you can send data from to other platforms.

Example: Create a ticket in Jira when a recommendation has been given the label 'Approved'.

These actions can be triggered by an action or scheduled on a certain date.

Example: Create a fact for the website's usage data every Friday.

Is there a cost?

There is no additional cost from Zapier will allow you to undertake up to 100 tasks each month for free, this can be increased with a subscription.

Whats next?

We chose to start with Zapier so we can give you as much freedom as you like with integrations but we still plan to build custom integrations as well. Please let us know how you are using this or anything you would like to do that is not currently possible so we can add this to our roadmap.

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