How to join an existing repository

For security reasons, does not allow people to join a repository without being invited. The good news is anyone who already is part of your organisation can invite you using your email.

Do not create a new repository. This will mean that you cannot use that email to be invited and it is not possible to merge the data.

How to invite someone

There are two ways to invite someone to your repository.

Via the team page, then clicking 'Invite new member'. Here you can add their details and choose their access levels.

By sharing an experiment or card. When you add an unknown email to the 'share via email' field and press 'send', it will warn you that this email doesn't have an account. Pressing 'Confirm' will create a 'view only' account for them.

For both methods an account will be created and a secure link will be sent. When the person you have invited clicks this link it will bring them directly into Gleanly, and they will be offered the chance to set a password. After a week the link will become inactive and they will no longer be able to use it. If they have not set a password they will need to do so via the reset password tool.


Multiple repositories

If your email has already been used for one repository it will not be possible to invite you to another. Once again this is to increase security and reduce the chances of phishing or accidentally adding data to the wrong repository.

If you need your email moving to a different repository please get in touch.