Managing your tags and taxonomy

Good quality tagging is the key to a successful repository.

Admins can manage the tags and taxonomy by clicking the menu top right, and choosing 'Tags and taxonomy'.

We found that a locked taxonomy meant that people were far less likely to tag their work. Instead we have the concept of defined and undefined tags:

  • Defined tags - include a description of what the tag means aiding understanding of how to use it as well as telling us that it is officially part of the taxonomy.
  • Undefined tags - Tags without aren't officially part of the taxonomy. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use it (as that will give us a better idea of what tags are important).

Admins can see list of tags (in the menu top right) and manage them. They can:

  • Define - Add a description and make that tag official
  • Rename - This will change that tag everywhere it is used
  • Merge - Take two or more tags and merge them in to one tag
  • Delete -  Remove the tag entirely

These simple but powerful tools make managing your taxonomy a breeze without putting up barriers for everyone else.

Custom filters are often a useful way of encouraging a shared format for tagging a card. You can manage the Custom Filters management from the top right menu if you are an admin.

Note: Only admins have the right to manage tags and taxonomy.