What makes a good recommendation?

Recommendations are what we think we should do with the knowledge. 


The practical result of what came before.

A recommendation looks complicated with 5 different parts, but it's really quite simple and not all parts are always necessary.

So we have…

  • Move the invoice history to the profile settings [Action
  • from the footer [Context
  • so that customers [Audience
  • can find them better [Benefit], 
  • which will reduce calls to the contact centre [Measurement].

We want these to be short enough to be consumed in a few seconds and contain enough context to be understood in isolation.

Recommendation taxonomy:

As well as context we want to give status and prioritisation.

Some example statuses include:

  • Unactioned if it's waiting for a decision to be made. 
  • If they don't have confidence to make a decisions they might require More evidence.
  • With that evidence they might to Reject the recommendation.
  • Or they might Approve it.
  • This will send it to the blacklog to be Completed.
  • And once it is it will need Retesting.
  • A recommendation might also be an Hypothesis that we are looking for evidence to support or disprove.

Have you understood what makes a good fact and insight?