Hiding cards in an experiment

Why hide a card?


Glean.ly allows you to connect evidence from across your whole organisation to support or disprove your insights and recommendations. 

Facts live in experiments and when we connect an insight that card will also show in the experiment. However, just because the fact is evidence for or against that insight, it doesn't mean that insight is relevant to the experiment.

Any recommendations connected to an insight are also shown. Again, the recommendation might not be relevant to this experiment.

To ensure we don't confused stakeholders, we can hide an insight or recommendation card from the experiment.

Hiding a card only makes it hidden for that experiment. It will still show on other experiments and be discoverable from the global search pages. 

How to hide cards?


Hide cards

When you hover over a card you will see an eye icon with a slash through it. Clicking on this will hide the card.

If you hide an insight it will also hide any recommendations attached to it.


See hidden cards

If you want to see your hidden cards, you can click 'Show hidden cards' at the top of your experiment and hidden cards will be shown as semi-translucent ghost cards.


Stop cards being hidden

Clicking the eye icon again will stop it being hidden.